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Flip the Switch

Flip the Switch: Achieve Extraordinary Things With Simple Changes to How You Think

Format: Paperback

Rose, Jez

ISBN: 9780857086792
190 pages
Published May 2016 Capstone Ltd
Dimensions: 5.75″w x 8.5″h x 0.75″d x 0.6 lbs.

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A hilarious argument for change from international behaviour expert Jez Rose
Do you ever wonder why achieving results is such a struggle? Do you want that to change? Let Jez show you how to train your brain differently by uncovering strategies used by some of the most successful people in the world.

Using real-world examples the former comedian examines why some people struggle to achieve, despite trying, while others appear to achieve extraordinary results. Jez will show you why we behave the way we do and how to change for the better. By changing the way we think, our behaviour and approach to life will also change. Aware that our success is also a result of other people, "Flip the Switch" will show you how to improve the behaviour and thought patterns of those around you too. Practical exercises to get you thinking differently Learn how to change for the better using a variety of techniques Get the confidence to go after what you want, when you want Become "extraordinary" by adopting Jez's down to earth and charismatic approach.