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An Invitation to 3-D Vision

An Invitation to 3-D Vision: From Images to Geometric Models

Format: Hardcover

Ma, Yi (Editor); Soatto, Stefano (Editor); Kosecka, Jana (Editor); Sastry, S. Shankar (Editor); Soatto, Stefano; Kosecka, Jana

ISBN: 9780387008936
526 pages
Published Dec 2003 Springer Verlag
Dimensions: 6.75″w x 9.75″h x 1″d x 2 lbs.

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This book introduces the geometry of 3-D vision, that is, the reconstruction of 3-D models of objects from a collection of 2-D images. It details the classic theory of two view geometry and shows that a more proper tool for studying the geometry of multiple views is the so-called rank consideration of the multiple view matrix. It also develops practical reconstruction algorithms and discusses possible extensions of the theory.