About Complete Book & Media Supply

Peter Coomaraswamy

Peter Coomaraswamy

COMPLETEBOOK.COM is dedicated to providing our corporate customers with the very best in procurement services, pricing and delivery times for books and publications. We have established strategic vendor relationships with many of the leading publishers in the US, and throughout the world. We have also expanded our inventory to include videos, audiocassettes, government documents, foreign titles, training kits/manuals and software.

With over 2,500,000 books and publications available for immediate purchase by any corporate customer with a Completebook.com account, our online store exists exclusively for the corporate book and media buyer. I am also delighted to report that it now provides the largest online book selection in the world specifically for the corporate market.

We have special vendor status with many Fortune 500 firms because we know that our corporate clientele have special business-related needs such as:

Our business secret: the completebook.com personal touch is more important than our world-class technology.

While our online presence is state-of-the-art, our company's philosophy is grounded in personalized customer service. Very simply, if they prefer it, we encourage our customers to use their phones as much as their Internet browser. Balancing the latest technology with personal customer service means there is always a live point-of-contact available for our clients. Requests for books, publications and/or information are addressed immediately via the Internet, email, telephone and fax. Of course, customers may always purchase our products via standard mail, too. Our goal is to make the purchase of our products as easy as possible via any form of communication.

But, we don't stop there.

We are continually seeking greater ways to provide better value and quicker service for our corporate customers. Consequently, we have established groundbreaking fulfillment initiatives with some of the world's largest publishers as well as important smaller publishers. All to get our products to you quicker and at lower cost.

Retail book and media resellers frequently talk about quick shipping and discounted prices. But, ask them for 100 copies of "MDA explained” or the "RC Handbook of Chemicals" at your hotel in Montreal on Thursday, and see what happens! And then ask that retailer how they intend to patch into your company's legacy EDI/fulfillment hierarchy to confirm the order and watch that bookseller's jaw drop!

At Completebook.com, while we are known for being at the forefront of the technology and at the best available price point for all your book, software and media needs, we've identified one thing more important than all of that...we will ALWAYS go the extra mile for you, our customer.

Please take a tour of the more than 3,500,000 titles at our website. But, even more important than that, if you have ANY questions or comments, call us at 1-800-986-1775.

Because at Completebook.com, behind the cutting-edge technology and more than 3,500,000 titles in our online store are staffers whose prime concern is your satisfaction!


Peter Coomaraswamy, President, completebook.com